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Letting your property with Bedwyn’s

I’d like to let my Scarborough property to holidaymakers, but don’t know where to start…

Launching your property onto the holiday market can seem daunting at first, but as a local, independent business we’re here to give you all the advice you need and to work at a pace that suits you. The advice we give is of course free and without obligation, but most importantly it is relevant to you and your property in Scarborough.  If we decide to join forces, there are no set-up fees to pay to us… no registration charges, no fees for photography, for entry on our website or for appearing in our brochure.

If you are considering letting your property or are just gathering information, then please give us a quick call on 01723 516 700. We are happy to have an informal chat over the phone or to arrange to meet you in Scarborough, and we’ll help you make the right decision for you.

Wouldn’t I make more money if I let my property myself?

You benefit straight away from becoming part of our existing family of owners and properties. Joining us means that you would be joining up with a well-established company that has 1000’s of previous loyal customers who want to book a “Bedwyn’s ” property again.

You save time and money because we get your property to your target market quickly. We pool our resources to advertise more effectively and efficiently than any individual owner can. We are a small but highly efficient team.. Diane, Jean and Sarah live in the area and have worked for Bedwyn’s for years. We get to know all “our” properties and property owners well. We are here, 7 days-a-week with information about your property, its location and the most up-to-date local knowledge to entice potential new customers.

The commission you pay to us is extremely competitive for this effective, local and personal service, being a maximum of 16% (+VAT) of the holiday cost. This is deducted monthly, at the time we pay you, so we only get paid when we get bookings for you. For added peace of mind, some off-contract services at an additional reasonable cost are available to help owners whose best-laid plans go awry.

Others who have properties with Bedwyn’s soon realise that paying commission on a booking is more than compensated for in the time, hassle and expense they save not having to respond to booking enquiries, checking availability and processing payments… but the other benefits make it a common sense choice too……if you read on.

Why should I choose Bedwyns?

We know and love Scarborough. Our local knowledge means we can represent and market your Scarborough property better than any other agent. We don’t list hundreds of properties across the UK or thousands internationally, we focus on and promote a selection of only around 30 in this area.

We are a small experienced team, who you will get to know you by name, and we run things very efficiently and charge fairly so you retain more of your lettings income and get excellent service.
National agencies and automated booking websites rely on fewer bookings on more properties; we rely on more bookings on fewer properties – meaning more income for each of our property owners. We don’t have shareholders to pay and don’t waste money on huge glossy brochures that end up in people’s bins.

You’ll quickly gain peace of mind having our support and knowing that a good proportion of bookings will come from guests who have booked through us before. Our “regulars” are much more likely to give you a chance because they have had good experiences with Bedwyn’s in the past.

We have gradually lowered our commission rate over the years as we have become better established and have been able to make savings on overheads. Property owners who have been with us for years and get lots of re-bookings benefit from the lowest commission rates of all.

Huge national agencies and automated websites do not have our loyal customer base of Scarborough visitors, and they offer little by way of a personal business relationship. On the other hand, we have thousands of previous loyal customers who book through us regularly, we work hard to attract the most “desirable” new visitors to stay here in Scarborough, we are loyal to our owners and to Scarborough and are here for the long–run. We remain personally available and accountable to you.

Can you really perform as well as the big agencies?

Most people find holiday properties online so we make sure we have a strong presence exactly where customers are looking. Try searching on Google for ‘Scarborough Self Catering’ and invariably you’ll find us on the first page (which is no mean feat).
For the significant minority who prefer to talk to a real person and book over the phone, we are always happy to chat and answer questions, our phones are manned every day and there is a 24/7 answerphone. We spend a long time on the phone, making recommendations and suggestions to enquirers about the area and the most suitable property for them, ensuring that you have satisfied guests, very few grumbles and lots of repeat bookings.

We professionally manage the whole booking and payments process, right through to providing guests with comprehensive direction maps and key collection details for your property.

Here’s a quote from one of our property owners:

“I was with another agency before yours but prefer you because my guests are so nice. Even if they break a glass they will call me and offer to replace it. There is always the odd exception, but generally speaking the people who stay are good humoured and relaxed because they are sure they will get good service if things are not absolutely perfect every time. The other agent promised me the earth but bookings were sporadic, and they didn’t seem to care about me, or my property. I now end up with more income in the long run because more weeks are booked and my property is better looked after… I can talk to you anytime and the peace of mind is invaluable”

Do you manage my property?

Bedwyn’s are a lettings agency, so we take care of all the marketing, guest enquiries bookings and payments for your property but we don’t manage the day-to-day running and up-keep of your property. Some owners do their own change-overs and maintenance, others employ housekeepers to manage things for them. Either way, we will work with you to make sure all your arrangements are in place before your first guests arrive. We can provide that extra help, such as cleaning checklists so you or your cleaner have a clear plan of how to maintain your property.

As a back-up we do offer an off-contract service for times when, despite your best efforts, you need help resolving an issue. We charge a flat rate (which works out currently at £12.50/hr +VAT during weekday office hours) so unlike other agencies you know you can ask for help and you know exactly what we’ll charge.

The plus side of this is of course that owners aren’t paying for services from us that they don’t need and we can keep our commission low. In other words, owners who don’t ask for off-contract assistance are not charged extra in the form of higher commission rates for a service they never need.

Isn’t there a lot of risk in holiday letting?

You’re probably imagining all the things that could go wrong if you let your property. We’ve thought of them too. All of the Bedwyn’s team have built up extensive experience over the years including either letting their own properties, or working in housekeeping so we know ‘from the inside out’ what to expect.

If you join Bedwyn’s you will have a clearly written contract between you and us, so you’ll know exactly what to expect. We give as much advice as you need so you feel comfortable and confident. Remember, we are only a phone call away, so if you have any questions or queries during your time with us you can call us for free advice.

Before guests can place a booking through us they must agree to our legal Terms and Conditions which include (amongst other things) their responsibility to the owner to leave a property as they found it, not having extra guests staying over and a binding cancellations procedure. You can see the full guest’s T’s and C’s here.

As stated before, we offer free processing of payments by a secure method… so, no need for you to worry about bouncing cheques, credit card or business bank charges.

We also offer a free arbitration / conciliation service in the unlikely event of a dispute between an owner and a guest.

Finally, if you the owner are forced to cancel a booking, we are well placed to offer alternative accommodation to your guests.

Reassuringly our complaint rate from owners and guests is exceptionally low by industry standards.

Will I need to update my own website page?

No, not at all. We manage all website content from descriptions to photography. We have a state-of-the-art website, and we’re fully versed in the art of marketing, meaning that your property is advertised in an effective professional manner. We use the website to manage bookings too, so it is monitored and reviewed daily. It’s always kept up-to-date so we avoid double bookings or disappointed enquirers.

Just so you know, we particularly promote properties new to the holiday market, and give extra attention to any that are underperforming. We regularly do special features or offers on our home page. We also work with local tourism and business groups, as well as national publications and media to ensure that you get maximum exposure to the market. We check and maintain accurate details about your property so guests know exactly what to expect on arrival.

I’d like to meet face-to-face before making a decision

Of course, we would love to meet you too. We can meet anytime for an informal chat and remember there is absolutely no obligation and no pressure to sign up with us – we dislike pushy salespeople as much as you do.

Our owners join us because they choose to.

We can arrange to view a property if you are ready to let, or if you are in the midst of renovation work. We can also start marketing your property whilst you are still working on it, up to 12 months in advance.

If you’re interested and would like to know more, please contact Diane or Jean on 01723 516 700 or email

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