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Cancellation Insurance

When you book your UK holiday you’re not just making time for a well-deserved break, you’re entering into a legally-binding contract with the owner of the accommodation. Remember, once you have paid the deposit for your accommodation you are liable for the full cost, whatever your reason for cancellation.

When going abroad it is usual to arrange travel insurance. However, when holidaying in the UK some people overlook insurance, leaving themselves vulnerable to unexpected and significant costs. Cover starts from as little as £9 per booking (that’s online for a holiday costing £150).

You may already have cover with your card provider or bank, so it’s worth checking with them first, if not, you should arrange cover separately.

Bedwyn’s cannot provide this cover – booking agents are not legally allowed to include it automatically. Nor do we have the expertise of an insurance agent to advise you on the best cover for your particular circumstances.

Here are some useful links for holiday insurance companies:

Click here to go to PJ Hayman’s website and apply online

Click here to go to Guest First website and apply online

Click here to download a leaflet from PJ Hayman & Co

Bedwyns can post you a leaflet on request.


Bedwyn’s cannot advise on the type and scale of cover, nor can we arrange insurance for you.

We do not have any business relationship with any insurance company.

The information provided here is merely to assist you in your search for cover. The decision about whether or not you should take the risk of not having cover or what type, level and provider you use is entirely yours.

It only takes a few minutes to arrange. Can you afford to risk going without cover?

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